Aco Tara's kennel since 1991
Aco Tara's kennel have according to
16§ animalprotection law
get the permission to run
dogbreeding 050930 from the
environment  and health committee,
Botkyrka municipality.


My name is Åsa Lindhult and i started with my breeding in 1991,
with Tibetian Terrier, when my first 'Tibbe' She-Ra give birth
to her first litter i inherit the namn Aco Tara from 'my'
breeder Karin Ahlström because she gave up the breeding and want
me to save the name.
From She-Ra's litter i save a black female 'Ninja'
I compete a lot of agility whit She-Ra and Ninja.
In 1995 'Ninja' get her first litter, and i save a creme female 'Gilda', she also become very good in agility.
When i take 'Gilda' to the puppiecourse i saw the Havanese for the first time
and it become love at first sight!
I decide quick:I WANT A HAVANESE :)

So, before Christmas in 1997 i buy my first Havanese, a black Female:
Ronja Rövardotter from kennel Nan-Chueh,
and my sense of happiness was complet, every one love this little thing.
Only 19 month old she get her SUCH.
In 2000 she gave birth to her first litter and i save a black and tan Female 'Wilma'.
Through the years i have save one and another puppie from the litters.

If you are interested in my dogs, please contact me!